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Life-changing question for teachers who STILL aren’t earning $3k+ from home


What’s the biggest difference between an online teacher who makes consistent income goals with a flexible schedule...


... and a teacher who is stuck on a hamster wheel working long hours, trading her time for money?


If you guessed years of brick-and-mortar teaching experience, you’d be wrong.


If you guessed you have to be a morning person, you’d be wrong.


If you guessed expensive tech and a 1000-watt smile kids love, you’d be wrong.


‘Cause while you may think certifications and the Fountain of Youth is what you need to be successful at teaching English online...


...it’s actually has nothing to do with what leads to growing a sustainable, full-time online income...


I want in for just $97 today!

Get Better Pay & Better Hours… Without Teaching 200+ Classes a Month!

Tell me if this sounds familiar:


Every Sunday night, you've got the Sunday scaries because you're lacking the freedom and flexibility you deserve in your workspace. 


You fear that teaching online won't replace your teaching salary.


So you mentally prepare yourself for yet another dreaded school year.


You're worried you won't have the tech skills or know-how to be an online teacher.


So you drag yourself to work even though you know you deserve better than a toxic school environment.


Grab your coffee and purse.


And don't forget the stack of papers for grading.


And a BIG “Helllooooo!” right on time. 


And through all the stress and overwhelm, all you want is to make it through to the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the year.


--But if you don't quit, you don’t realize your dream of a stress-free work-from-home lifestyle. No one said quitting is easy.--


Bookings that go from scarce to unpredictable to non-existent is scary.


And while meeting kids around the world on your computer provides an "aha" moment that makes taking the risk of becoming your own boss worth it….


...it’s still hard to take the leap.


So how do you:


Pay off student loans, make extra cash on your own time, and turn it all into a full-time gig even if you're just beginning?


That's what I'd love to show you.


That teaching online isn’t this unattainable thing.


You should be able to grow yourself without overwork.


You should drink a freshly brewed cup of coffee before class without panicking you’ll be late.


And when you’re absolutely ready, enjoy a steady full schedule without juggling multiple companies and hours.


Most of all, you should enjoy the freedom, flexibility and autonomy that comes from being your own boss.

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Here’s Why You’re Stuck

in Your Online Teacher Journey

Reason #1: You’re Afraid to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


Never taught children before? Don’t come from a teaching background? Not a traditionally “spunky” person? I get it. It looks like you need a bit of acting lessons to have fun online classes.

But I can tell you, with the right company you get to be yourself, not a clown. Trust me on this: nothing is worse than having a boss stand over your shoulder.

Reason #2: You Think the Answer to More Money is More Classes


Look, if online teachers could physically teach for 8 hours a day in order to reach our income goals, we would. But anything more than 20-30 hours a week is only leading you down the road to burnout. Especially if you’re still transitioning from brick and mortar to online.

Here’s what works: Getting a high base pay rate then working toward attainable promotions, mentoring and recruiting.

Reason #3: You Don't Believe There's Enough Work to Go Around


Do you ever wonder: “Maybe this platform is failing” or “it’ll never work for me?" Let me tell you there are WAY more students than there are teachers!

When you’ve gained confidence, visibility and deeper understanding, you’ll see that there’s no shortage of opportunities and those coveted "regulars" who make your life easier.

 I’ll share how to go from unconfident, unsure work life to sustainable, steady income from home.


Plus, the basics and beyond including...


  • Interview training and pay rate info

    I figured out exactly what companies are looking for in the interview process so you don't have to look any further. Just use the skills I teach in Successful Online Teacher and to help you ace the interview!
  • Strategies that make you look like a pro

    Passing the interview is step number one, but step number two is getting high ratings from parents so you can get rave reviews and sustain high bookings. This is key to being a successful online teacher.
  • Demo training for Outschool, VIPKID and Gogokid

    I walk you through exactly what you need to do and how you need to teach so you feel confident when you click the submit button for your demo. 
  • Hacking better bookings & more "regulars"

    While you may be the best teacher in the world, there's also technology that can get in the way of bookings. Sometimes there's tweaks you can make to your profile as well. I'll teach you all the hacks to help you increase your bookings. 
  • Money insights and what's needed for pay raises

    After learning how to be a pro teacher, get promoted so you can start cutting hours and make more money! The goal is part-time hours, full-time pay. This is the flexibility you and your family dream of.
  • Bonuses

    Make your first $1000 recruiting
    Tips for applying to Outschool a company where you can teach any subject
    100+ 2D Props for class
    Ideas for activities and games
I want to be a successful online teacher for just $97!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

And you can learn it in just 6 days... on your own time.


So with the investment of just 5 30-minute classes, this could be you:

In just a few weeks

Virtually invited to the homes of children and adults all over the world, engulfing yourself in brand new cultures, knowing that each class is an opportunity to teach something new.

In 3 months

Staring at a life-changing full schedule with your preferred hours regardless if they’re “peak” or not. Want a last-minute class for some extra cash? It books within minutes.

In 6 months

You’re ready to find higher paid classes and additional streams of income aligned with your new online skill set so you earn more, yet work less.

So that the next time someone asks you “What do you do?” you can answer with confidence...

...as your family breaks out in a smile, knowing that you are giving your best self to teaching but still have enough leftover for the rest of the day. 

Because there’s a huge difference between someone who earns some extra cash online...

...and someone who takes pride in their work and is satisfied at the paycheck they earn.

And if your attempts at online work were bringing you self-doubt, jumping between will I ever get there and I can do this


I’m here to tell you YOU CAN. 


All you need is a calculated plan to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A plan that has taken me from underpaid and undervalued brick-and-mortar teacher...


...to successful online educator making $3K to $5K a month.


Then to successful recruiter and mentor making $6k.

Hi, I'm Nikki Lubing

And I’m a firm believer that teachers deserve better pay. But why listen to me on the matter? Well, I’ve been teaching since 2005—originally a brick-and-mortar teacher with a bachelor's in Spanish and a master's in education.

When I transitioned to online teaching back in 2016, I took a major pay cut. But my life had taken some twists and turns and I needed a new, more flexible path...

... I also had to cross my fingers and hope that one day I would match my traditional salary.


I didn’t earn the best base pay rate from the beginning. I made a lot of mistakes along the way. There were some sleepless nights.

But I eventually went from $26K to $64K a year with online work.

That’s actually more than what I was making in my B&M job. I couldn’t believe I was earning more online!

And I’ll be honest: it had nothing to do with my 10 years experience as a B&M teacher. In fact, it was a complete new ball game for me. I had to unlearn and relearn teaching strategies and procedures.

But I cracked the code.

And after speaking with so many recruits who struggled with landing a high base pay rate in the right teaching platform, getting those first bookings on their schedule fast and replacing their brick and mortar incomes…

I knew a lot of people were still out there struggling.

So I thought about what I did to jump from $2K to $5-6K months.

And I put it into this course.

Now I know some of you may be thinking: Hey, $5k is a dream, but I’d be happy with just $2k a month! 

And I get it… 

That money can be the ticket to paying off school debt, supporting your kids’ school expenses, or simply a huge help for that “rainy day” account.

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: $2k teaching online is extremely doable with the right handbook by your side.

But here’s the real secret: $5k is totally achievable too. 

So I decided to create this course not just for those looking to hit the ground running with their online teaching journey but also those ready to take it to the next level.

And while I have an extensive course Level Up Online Teaching for $597, I decided to make this bite-sized course accessible to everyone, dropping the price to just $97.

For just $97 you get the best strategies that are here to help you see the bigger picture of this whole “teaching online” thing.

A faster, deeper method of moving from over worrying about props, tech and teaching material to being confident and savvy teaching online.

P.S. I made $64K in 2019 and again during the pandemic! So it's not just some kind of anomaly. This is a sustainable salary.

I want to learn Nikki's online teaching secrets for just $97!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Introducing: Successful Online Teacher

The mini-course to get you unstuck as an online teacher and propel you into the teacher who conquers class with confidence and earns the highest pay possible.

A course 3 years in the making — a collection of everything I learned and the tricks that took me from complete beginner to a $64k yearly career.

And tackling the most frequently asked questions, doubts, worries, objections and industry knowledge that I’ve received from the last 2 years as a recruiter and mentor. 

Doubts like: 

From the beginner, wondering: “Is the interviewing process lengthy? Which teaching platform is right for me? Can you help me pass?”

From the hopeful self-starter: “What are 'regular' students and how do I get them? What can I do to increase bookings? What can I do to get more positive reviews?”

And from seasoned teachers looking to get unstuck: “What can I do to earn more money without teaching more hours? Peak hours aren’t convenient for me, how do I get more non-peak hours? Can I become a mentor? How do you recruit?

You’ll find those answers along with a clear-cut roadmap to going from low or no online work to becoming, you guessed it, the Successful Online Teacher…

Enroll in Successful Online Teacher Today

Become a 
Successful Online Teacher 


YES, I'm in!

I can't recommend Nikki's courses enough. I have gained the resources and confidence I needed to progress towards my goals. I've also enjoyed connecting with the other students in the coaching calls, there's a positive atmosphere and having shared goals makes things feel more achievable. Sharing tips and knowledge is a great plus of the coaching calls too.I always come away from the calls, and in fact, from any email or exchange with Nikki, feeling more positive and focused! It's a real gift she has and I am grateful for all her encouragement and advice. Nikki's style of coaching is kind and encouraging and her positive attitude is infectious.

Sarah L. 

I can definitely say that doing the course has been a new and positive opening for me. After years of teaching in brick and mortar classrooms, I decided to go into Online Teaching but I did not know from where to start.


My search began on YouTube so that I could learn how to teach Online and draw a line to the differences between teaching in classrooms and Online!


This was when I came across Teacher Nikki, who has not only been my mentor but my

inspiration; and a good friend! She guided me and that was when she put me through to her

blog and course.


It is a step by step course and you can work at your own pace.

I am now on the verge of finishing another course by Teacher Nikki – the Level Up Teaching

Online (LTO) and I would strongly recommend the ESL Teachers out there to go for Successful Online Teacher."

- Monica H.


Nikki has inspired me hugely via her informative You Tube videos, her workbook and her online course Successful Online Teacher. She provides practical support and guidance as well as being motivational. I am so grateful to have her as a mentor accompanying me on this exciting new venture!

- Amarita F.


Thank you so much for your helpful content online. Just wanted to let you know that I used your referral code for iTutorGroup and that I had my interview today. I just received my contract offer. Looking forward to going through more of your videos! You do such wonderful work and you really made me feel confident and supported by your experience. Many thanks!

- Audrey G.

What’s Inside The Successful Online Teacher


Lessons for The Newbie Teacher

Perfect for newcomers in the world of online teaching. We'll tackle the important basics of teaching online so you can get teaching fast.


  • Acing the Interview: An inside look at the infamous mock interview and the often lengthy application process.
  • ESL Strategies for companies like VIPKID: Real video training from a seasoned professional covering everything from TPR (Total Physical Response) to proper pacing.
  • Chinese Culture for companies like VIPKID: A deep dive into the Chinese school system and culture which is very different from the American learning style.
  • Outschool Roadmap: If you want to teach something other than ESL there are companies like Outschool where you can teach any school subject or hobby as long as you have experience working with kids and with your area of expertise (no degree required!) 
Lessons for The Professional Teacher

Perfect for new to intermediately experienced teachers. You'll learn the key differences between a new teacher and a professional teacher who knows how to handle any issue that arises.


  • Procedures & Routine: Important info on managing expectations, IT issues, last-minute cancelations, and what to do if a student misbehaves in class.
  • Engagement: A toolbox of assistance for exciting class time that gets you more regular students and better feedback.
Lessons for The Successful Teacher

Perfect for teachers with experience and those ready to see the entire path to better online income, so you can quickly outgrow the trials and tribulations of online teaching.


  • Bookings: An overview plus tips & tricks for booking within different ESL companies.
  • Leadership Opportunities: My preferred for the big-picture goal of earning $5k+ a month.
  • Recruitment: An inside look at recruiting teachers and how to make your first $1000 recruiting.

Plus, Get This FREE Bonus:

The Teacher's Toolbox

  • 35 Digital Games & Ideas for Activities - $150 Value
  • Make Your First $1,000 Recruiting Roadmap - $300 Value
  • 100+ 2D Props and Downloads for Class Time - $200 Value

Total Value: $650

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just $97

Became a

Successful Online Teacher
for just


Enroll now and learn all you need in 6 days.

[30-Day Money Back Guarantee]

If, after 30 days, you’ve completed all the coursework and had me answer any questions that have come up along the way, and aren't satisfied, I’ll give you your money back. 
Simply email my team at [email protected] with your completed coursework and we’ll refund you the $97.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for The Successful Online Teacher

I want to learn Nikki's online teaching secrets for just $97!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

"Is the Course Right for Me?"

My course is right for ESL Teachers of all stages. But you’ll know it’s perfect for you if you’re...

The Newbie Who Wants to Get it Right from the Get-Go

Your motto is it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, right? You may not exactly know the clear path to achieve your online income goals but you’re not about to leave things up to chance, either. This course will help you ace the interview and hit the ground running so you don’t lose precious time wondering “how do I hack this online teaching thing?”

The Current Online Teacher Who Has Low Bookings

You’re the entrepreneurial spirit who saw the potential in online teaching and have been chipping at it since the day you got accepted to teach! But perhaps that first stream of excitement has dwindled as one-too-many morning shifts and unbooked slots have you losing all hope. Don’t give up just yet, teach, help is on the way.

The Brick-and-Mortar Teacher Looking for a Change

A seasoned educator, you understand that becoming an online teacher is a whole other ballgame--perhaps one that forces you to reimagine yourself. No matter, you’re totally enticed by the thought of cracking your own hours, working from home and having lesson plans handed to you. As a former B&M teacher, I feel you on this one!

I can’t wait for you to join The Successful Online Teacher

I hope you're excited to lay a solid foundation of online teaching while simultaneously molding the next steps to becoming a well-respected, highly paid teacher who is building additional streams of income without EVER doubting that you're more than capable to get this DONE.

You’ll want to lock in this low price TODAY.

Nikki Lubing

I want to join this 6-day workshop for just $97!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!