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Get all the tools you need to become a pro online ESL teacher. 


What makes a pro teacher? 

The difference between a pro teacher and everyone else is skill set combined with a love for teaching.

But what makes a pro Online ESL teacher? 

For that you also need skill set and passion. The biggest difference is knowing the nuances of teaching online, which I am here to prepare you for.

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My promise to you is that after this course you'll...

  • be confident with classroom management 
  • have a stockpile of ideas for games, activities, and ESL strategies 
  • be a seasoned pro teacher that has ZERO jitters for an interview!

Let's Get to the Good Stuff! 

What's inside the course? 

  • Acing the Interview 
    • Filling out the application
    • Your teacher background
    • ESL Strategies 
      • TPR
      • Modeling
      • Speaking Speed
      • Incidental Language
      • Engagement 
      • Props
      • Correction and Full Sentences
      • Pacing
  • Classroom Management
    • Expectations
    • Procedures
    • Connection
    • Routine
    • Engagement
  • Tips for Bookings
  • Chinese Culture
    • Working for the Chinese
    • Teaching the Chinese


Ready to Teach ESL Online Like a Pro? 

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Hellen Tatteron

"Nikki enabled me to begin teaching English language confidently. I was an experienced teacher but Nikki’s expertise and enthusiasm in the world of online teaching helped me make the transition from traditional to online teaching. I am so grateful for her videos and her personal touch when I had questions."

Irene Gonzalez

"The guidance Nikki Lubing gave me and tools she provided me with really transformed the way I teach. Her support around ESL teaching improved my strategic planning and classroom project management skills. I now feel like I have an effective teaching technique.Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with us!"

Joe Milne

"Nikki Lubing has not only been a fantastic colleague to work alongside on projects at iTutorGroup over the past couple of years, but also an inspiration to my own journey as a "Teacherpreneur". Nikki showed me that teaching English online is just one corner of the TESOL world, and that there are many other channels of revenue to explore—namely setting up a YouTube channel and producing content there, which is something that Nikki helped me with a lot when I began my channel."

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Discover Teaching ESL Online



  • One Group Coaching Call a Month
  • Tips for acing the interview so you feel like a seasoned pro
  • Confidence with classroom management 
  • The top 8 ESL strategies that will help your students learn 
  • Tips for bookings
  • Chinese culture lessons 
  • Over 100 2D props
  • Over 20 games and 15 activities
  • Lifetime access to the course 

Level Up Teaching ESL Online


Course Starts AUGUST 2020

  • Full access to Discover Teaching ESL Online
  • Two Group Coaching Calls a Month
  • For intermediate and advanced teachers looking to grow in the industry
  • Business Mindset Lessons
  • Identifying Your Strengths
  • Business Plan and Strategies
  • Leadership Opportunities and Strategies for Promotion
  • Recruiting Tips
  • Affiliate Marketing Lessons
  • Online Marketing Lessons 
    • Social Media
    • Blogging 
  • Lifetime access to the course