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I’m sharing all the secrets and skills I've learned from my experience as an online educator.

My passion is seeing teachers go from failing the interview to passing...

From passing the interview to acing the interview and getting the highest pay a company offers...

From working odd hours to teaching normal hours on an even more flexible schedule. 

Using my determination, teaching skills, and entrepreneurial spirit I figured out the system to success as an online teacher. 

I went from $2k a month to $6k a month. 

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So why Successful Online Teacher? 

While I do offer a premium course for $397, after a lot of market research I discovered that most online teachers are in the beginning stages of increasing their income. 

They want to increase their income, but they are stuck working odd hours, accepting low pay, and unsure how to go from low income to desired income. 

This course used to be for beginners, but I decided to incorporate the first two strategies I used to go from $2k months to $4k months and eventually to $6k months. 

The two bonus strategies are leadership opportunities and recruiting. Both of which can take you from $14 an hour to $30 an hour and 0 recruits to 20 recruits per month. 

By the way, most companies pay $50-$200 per recruit. 

Imagine what getting 20 recruits would do for you financially!  

Hi, I'm Nikki Lubing

I've been teaching since 2005, and started teaching online in 2016. I took a major pay cut when I quit working as a brick and mortar teacher, but eventually I figured out how to increase my income as an online teacher. I went from $26K a year to $64K a  year. 

Now I help other online teachers increase their income because I'm passionate about entrepreneurship and seeing teachers succeed financially. 

Teachers deserve more pay, let's face it.

After connecting with dozens of online teachers and hearing similar stories about struggles with income, I asked myself...


What can I do to help online teachers increase their income as quickly as possible, especially those who are stuck between $1500-$3000 a month?

I thought about what I did between the time I made $3K a month and $4K a month. 

What took me to that leap? 

It was recruiting and leadership positions. 

Originially this was only going to be in my advanced course, Level Up Teaching Online, but when I hear so many teachers struggling to make ends meet, I knew I had to add this information to Successful Online Teachers so they could increase their income without spending $397 on my  advanced course. 

One of the promises I made to myself when I reached my financial goal was that I wanted to teach others how I did it. That's why I created Successful Online Teachers.

I believe in serving others and as a teacher, I am sure you can relate. That's why you deserve to increase your income and learn all of the strategies I used that are now available inside this mini course, made for you. 

The best part is, you can learn everything in 6 days!

The strategies I teach inside of Successful Online Teacher is the same one I used to increase my income when I was earning the lowest pay you could get at an online company. 

These are the strategies that led me to making $25/hour, and later $60/hour.

These are the strategies that led me to recruiting 20 teachers in one month.

These are the strategies I want to teach you!


Ok, but what's all in the course?


Let's Get to the Good Stuff! 

What's inside the course? 

  • Acing the Interview so you can earn higher pay
  • Beginners: learn some of the basics 
    • Filling out the application
    • Your teacher background
    • ESL Strategies 
      • TPR
      • Modeling
      • Speaking Speed
      • Incidental Language
      • Engagement 
      • Props
      • Correction and Full Sentences
      • Pacing
  • Classroom Management
    • Expectations
    • Procedures
    • Connection
    • Routine
    • Engagement
  • Tips for Bookings
    • Understand the algorithms 
    • The right times to book 
    • How your profile plays a role in bookings 
  • Chinese Culture
    • Working for the Chinese: what to expect and how to communicate
    • Teaching the Chinese: tips for better ratings and expectations for engagement with students
  • Leadership and Strategies for Promotion 
    • Becoming a mentor
    • Training other teachers
    • Interviewing 
    • Creating curriculum 
  • Recruiting
    • Intro to recruiting 
    • Tutorial for exactly what to do and say on Facebook to get dozens of recruits  
  • Bonus: Teaching resources
    • games  
    • activities
    • charts
    • comics


Check out these bonuses!

After this course you'll...


*know how to recruit successfully


*learn tips and strategies for promotion


*find out interview skills that help people get top pay at online companies


*be confident with classroom management 


*have a stockpile of ideas for games, activities, and ESL strategies 


*be a seasoned pro teacher that has ZERO jitters for an interview!

I'm ready to be a successful online teacher!

Did I mention that you can learn all of this in less than a week? 

Yep, this mini course makes you a quick study. 

New skills? Check!

Earn more money? Check!

More bookings? Check!

More streams of income? Check!

And a proven roadmap to learn it all in 5 days? Check, check, check!

You don't need tons of time to make this happen. 

Actually, quite the contrary. 

This course is all about simplicity and fast growth as an online teacher. 

I've laid out this mini course so you can watch one module each day for 6 straight days or you could binge-watch the whole thing in a day or two. 

So, even if you only have time at night when everyone else is sleeping...

Or an hour between classes...

Or both...

You can learn the skills and strategies I teach as quickly as you want. It's self-paced and you have access for life. 

New Online Teachers

Online teachers who are just getting started and want to be successful right out of the gate will benefit from this course. You'll get all of the strategies you need to feel like a seasoned pro!

Income NOT Increasing

Maybe you've been teaching online for a few years and you know all of the teaching strategies. You get high ratings, but you just haven't figured out how to increase your income with top pay, leadership positions and recruiting. Then this course is for you! You'll get all the tips and tricks you need to see a major boost in your income as an online teacher. 

Brick and Mortar Teachers

If you're a brick and mortar teacher thinking of quitting or starting a part-time gig, this is the perfect course for you! You'll learn all of the ins and outs of online teaching so you can start with confidence!





  • Tips for acing the interview so you feel like a seasoned pro
  • Learn the skills you need for top pay and promotions
  • Recruiting tips to help you increase your income
  • Confidence with classroom management 
  • The top 8 ESL strategies that will help your students learn 
  • Tips for bookings
  • Chinese culture lessons 
  • Over 100 2D props
  • Over 20 games and 15 activities
  • Lifetime access to the course 

Hellen Tatteron

"Nikki enabled me to begin teaching English language confidently. I was an experienced teacher but Nikki’s expertise and enthusiasm in the world of online teaching helped me make the transition from traditional to online teaching. I am so grateful for her videos and her personal touch when I had questions."

Irene Gonzalez

"The guidance Nikki Lubing gave me and tools she provided me with really transformed the way I teach. Her support around ESL teaching improved my strategic planning and classroom project management skills. I now feel like I have an effective teaching technique.Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with us!"

Joe Milne

"Nikki Lubing has not only been a fantastic colleague to work alongside on projects at iTutorGroup over the past couple of years, but also an inspiration to my own journey as a "Teacherpreneur". Nikki showed me that teaching English online is just one corner of the TESOL world, and that there are many other channels of revenue to explore—namely setting up a YouTube channel and producing content there, which is something that Nikki helped me with a lot when I began my channel."